Friday, November 27, 2009

CD-1 "Current Favorites"
1- Mi Swing es Tropical by Nickodemus & Quantic feat Hector "Tempo" Alomar (Zeb Reggae Remix)
2- Cumbia Infierno by Troba Kung-Fu (Toti & Andy Loop Fat Beat Remix)
3- Death of a Revolution by Quantic presenta: Flowering Inferno
4- Adir Adirim by Balkan Beat Box feat Victoria Hanna (Nickodemus Remix)
5- Conmigo by Nickodemus feat Sammy Ayala
6- Balkany & Flowers by Zeb
7- Felakesh by Zeb (Cay Taylan Remix)
8- Haba Na Haba by Nappy G (DJ Smash Remix)
9- Estan Llamando by Chico Mann
10- Greenwood Groove by Greenwood Rhythm Coalition
11- Our Father, Our King by Subatomic Sound System

CD-2 "Classics from the Catalogue"
1- Cleopatra in New York by Nickodemus feat Carol C
2- Mariposa by Nickodemus & Osiris feat Carol C
3- Brooklyn Ole by Nickodemus & Osiris
4- Let it Ride by Marzebian
5- For the Ladies by Zeb
6- Gibraltar by Nickodemus (Sabo & Zeb Remix)
7- Free Souls pt 2 by Nickodemus & Osiris
8- One for Senegal by The Pleb
9- Jump by Sabo & Zeb
10- Spoon Song by Nickodemus feat Carol C (Lee Davis Remix)
11- Desert Dancer by Nickodemus feat Andrea (Zeb's Slow Camel Ride Remix)
12- Chi Che by Marzebian

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